Friday, February 1, 2013

Personal Law of Attraction Examples

Hey guys!

I want to give you some concrete, physical examples of the Law of Attraction in my own life that have happened recently. Hopefully this shows you the power of this stuff, because it certainly did with me. Unfortunately, I started to doubt myself and doubt this whole process before this past week. I think the big man upstairs wanted to instill some faith in me though, and now I will have FAITH in this process forever.

Like I said, in this past week there are MULTIPLE things that have physically manifested in my life that I have been WANTING and FEELING GOOD about. Really using some self-discipline and applying the Law of Attraction to the best of my ability.

I started to become VERY impatient before this past week; found my thoughts drifting back toward a negative nature, and doubting where I was going, then BOOM; all of the sudden things started popping up out of no where. I am going to give you a few examples so you can see what I am talking about.

One of THE most crazy things that change when you start applying the Law of Attraction in your life is the mail. Haha, sounds crazy right.. Let me explain:

1) I have a recliner sitting on my balcony that looks terrible right now and it stays all wet and covered in snow. I never use it and it is not a good choice for outdoor furniture.Honestly I need to throw the damn thing away! I have really been considering creating a nice outdoor setup on my balcony, starting with a nice sectional weather-proof outdoor couch.

-- I get a flyer in the mail for this conference I am going to in San Diego where there are literally THOUSANDS of companies, and I have gotten ONE piece of mail from them from an outdoor furniture company with pictures on the flyer of literally EXACTLY what I was thinking about.

2) I have needed a little extra spending money recently, just a little bit to get me through the weekend because I just turned 21 a few days ago and I am planning on heading out on the town.

-- Today I received TWO checks in the mail from this restaurant I stopped working at a few WEEKS ago for about $60.

Start thinking about what you WANT and EXPECT to receive good things in the mail and I am telling you that you will be surprised. Same goes for bad things, if you EXPECT to see BAD things in the mail (or in your email inbox) then they most certainly will appear!

3) I really realllly (like extreme desire) have been wanting my best friend Jeremy to get into my business with me because I know he would be great at it, and he would give me some extra motivation to succeed. I have been thinking about that for so long it is ridiculous now, ever since I started, but I wanted to make sure this marketing thing was legit before I got my best friend involved.

-- I invited Jeremy over last week and he signed up RIGHT there on the SPOT; my BEST friend and I are now in business together.

4) There is this one girl who used to go to Michigan State University last year who was reallllly cool. She moved back home near Detroit last year and I regretted not hanging out with her more. I started thinking about her and eventually got into contact with her again.. Come to find out she moved BACK to East Lansing this semester, and I have been trying to hang out with her for awhilee now, but we both have crazy work schedules.

-- I literally just dropped her off at home.. She came over last night, and it was a greatttt time! Haha, better than I could have even imagined.

5) I have always wanted to visit San Diego; like THAT is the one city I have not been to yet, and the place that seems MOST appealing to me on paper to live because of the climate, city, culture, etc.

-- I am going to San Diego February 7th-11th with a club from school, and I have not really thought of that situation as a manifestation yet, but it absolutely is. I MADE that happen without even realizing it.

6) I have been trying to update the look of my apartment recently, but I know nothing about interior design. I have a decent eye for it, but I could really use the help of a professional.. Come to find out, my best friend's sister is GREAT at interior design and has had a phenomenal career. I took a shot in the dark and messaged her on Facebook asking for some assistance.

--She replied with one of the nicest responses I have ever seen with websites, ideas, and assurance that she was going to be there for me every step of the way. Now I have a GREAT interior designer for the rest of my life.

If this doesn't prove to you guys that this Law of Attraction stuff works, I really do not know what else to tell you! This stuff is all 100% GUARANTEED and I PROMISE you that all of this stuff has happened to me in a VERY short period of time.

If you need ANY help at applying this stuff DO NOT hesitate to ask for help! I am doing some one on one coaching right now and it is truly something that I have a passion for.

Thanks for reading!

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Post Promise

Hey Guys! Sorry it has been awhile, I have been in serious preparation mode for this new venture I am about to launch. I can't spill the beans on it yet but I really think it is going to create quite the presence in the Mid West region.

I have had a few people contact me this week and ask where the heck I went!? Haha, so from now I am am going to PROMISE you at least one post a week. Absolute promise from here on out, until all of the content I have is drained from my brain.

I think that once a week is a good promise because it will give me a chance to brainstorm topics, write about them and then edit and integrate stories from my own life to make them relevant and understandable to YOU.

I am going to whip up a good one for you today, because I have had some crazy stuff hapeneing lately!

Hope all is amazing!!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Short, Life Changing Post

I know I go on and on about technical details and whatnot, but I just want one post to calairfy EXACTLY what you need to do to get what you WANT in the most enjoyable way possible; Short and sweet... Enjoy

  • You HAVE to do this, or you will get NOWHERE. I am telling you right now this is this is the MOST important part of your ENTIRE LIFE.
  • Sit your ass down, pull out a piece of paper and a pen; THINK about WHAT YOU WANT and WRITE it down!
  • I am dead serious... It freaking BLOWS my mind how many people DO NOT DO THIS; just DO it and TRUST me on this one. K?..k
  • Use whatever knowledge or personal experience that you have in your brain to create the BEST plan you can possibly think of.
  • DO NOT WORRY if you THINK this is going to WORK. JUST DO IT!
  • In EVERY aspect of your life, ALWAYS be thinking about WHAT YOU WANT. Cars, clothes, shoes, house, watch, business, kitchen, bedroom, backyard, amount of money in your bank account, WHATEVER YOU WANT.
  • If you THINK about what you want and FEEL BAD, you are DOING THIS WRONG; you are FOCUSING on the FEELING of the ABSENCE of this thing that you want in your life. STOP!
  • THINK about WHAT YOU WANT, and FEEL GOOD. IMAGINE you already HAVE it, and how you would FEEL if it was ALREADY YOURS.
  • If you WANT something, you obviously want it because it is going to make you FEEL GOOD, and if it DOESN'T make you feel good, then it is NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT.
  • I can not freaking stress this enough man. LISTEN TO ME; when you CREATED your PLAN in step TWO of this post, it was from LOGIC that OBVIOUSLY HAS NOT WORKED for you, or you would ALREADY HAVE what you want.
  • When you FOCUS on FEELING GOOD when imagining about what you want, your BRAIN will literally come up with IDEAS all day. WRITE THEM DOWN and analyze them; THESE IDEAS WILL BECOME YOUR NEW PLANS!
  • This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of your success: when you think of NEW IDEAS; FOCUS your ATTENTION and EFFORT on the IDEAS that FEEL GOOD to you.
  • This blog is a PERFECT example of this situation in MY life; I want to be successful, I want to HELP people, I want to make MONEY, and I LIKE TO WRITE.
  • It is EASY for me to WRITE, I am GOOD at it, and I ENJOY it.
  • Now I am getting WHAT I WANT a lot EASIER, FASTER, and I FEEL GOOD while doing it. My JOB has turned into something that I ENJOY because I am focused on WHAT I WANT and FEELING GOOD and ENJOYING my plan to get there. 
  • YOU can do the SAME EXACT THING; I am nothing special. PRACTICE
I hope this helps the people that are too damn lazy to read all of my other writing, and if this stuff interests you; this is ALL I write about, speak about, and teach people all day long so follow this blog or get into contact with me to get some more in-depth  information.

Figure out what you want, and enjoy the journey of getting there!

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Understanding is an Emotion

Before I got into all this Personal Development stuff, I always thought of understanding as a logical thing; something that you can see or figure out.

Not too long ago I realized that understanding is an EMOTION. You can FEEL it when you understand something.

Example: My car was making this terrible knocking noise whenever I went over the speed bumps in my apartment complex, and I had no idea what it was. I dealt with the noise for a long time and it made me feel terrible because I knew something was wrong, but I didn't UNDERSTAND what it was. Then I made the decision to take it to get diagnosed, they put my car up on the lift and I ASKED the mechanic to SHOW me what the problem was. See you HAVE to put this extra EFFORT in, so that you can gain the best understanding possible. After simply asking him to see the problem, he physically SHOWED me what was wrong. My shocks were blown out and leaking all over the place; I could SEE it, and now I UNDERSTOOD what was wrong and I felt a LITTLE BETTER about it.. at least I knew the issue, and I could go about fixing it.

A few weeks later (should have been a few HOURS later) I researched the web for the cheapest parts I could find, ordered them, and had new shocks put in. Now my car rides better than I have ever felt, but it was because I CHASED this understanding. You need to be curious, and act on the things that are making you FEEL STRONGLY; good or bad. I felt terrible about the loud knocking sound, so I did the WORK to UNDERSTAND the situation, and took ACTION to FEEL GOOD about the situation.

Understanding can be a valuable asset for transforming BAD feelings into GOOD feelings, and that is really what life is all about man.. Once you can UNDERSTAND THAT, then you will go far. If you understand that, then you are on a constant pursuit of understanding what makes you FEEL GOOD, and encouraging MORE of that in your life. At the same time, you are on a mission to RECOGNIZE the things that make you FEEL BAD, and UNDERSTAND the situation so that you can TRANSFORM that bad feeling into a good feeling. If you can't possibly make that bad feeling situation feel good, then that thought or situation doesn't belong in your life, it is really that simple.

Now.. What does it take to achieve understanding; to get that FEELING?

This understanding comes from the KNOWLEDGE of FACTS concerning a situation. You can use your EFFORT to FOCUS your ENERGY on gaining KNOWLEDGE of FACTS on your current (or ideal) situation, and therefore UNDERSTAND the situation. Then you can go about making your plans with the most probable chance of a GOOD FEELING as the result.

With a FEELING of UNDERSTANDING, decisions can be made more confidently in the direction of your goal.

FEELING your way through life is definitely a different perspective than I had ever used before, but I am telling you it is amazing. It takes WORK and CONSISTENT EFFORT to do, but I am getting better everyday and it really is changing my life.

Hope all is well,

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Productive Naps

Sounds contradictory right? Productive Naps. Haha, but I believe it can truly benefit all people at one time or another.

See, I LOVE sleep.. Especially at this point in my life, because sometimes it is difficult for me to deliberately direct my thoughts to something positive. Sometimes I just get so engulfed in negative thoughts and feelings that I have no idea how to get out. That's okay! That is part of the start of your process. I CAN tell you that I have gotten a billion times better at this since making a SINCERE EFFORT to try to direct my thoughts to positive feelings throughout my day.

A lot of people take naps. Some of the most successful people in the world were known for taking naps; Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, the list goes on. The trick is to be able to really harness the power and know when you NEED a nap, and know how to USE a nap.

Before I go to bed is one of the best times of my day now; that is when I really get to see, feel and hear what I want in my imagination. In that transition from consciousness to deep sleep if you are FOCUSED on your desire and feeling GOOD about it, your mind will feed on that all night and SOMETIMES it will produce that desire in your head for you to ACTUALLY see. Sometimes dreams can be so real it is crazy.

Now think about a bad dream that you have had, and think about a good dream you have had. How different were you when waking up? After a great dream you feel ready to get up and tackle the day, ESPECIALLY if you saw and felt the object of your desire the night before; then you KNOW how good it feels, and that is some serious motivation to think about it some more and go take some productive action in acquiring that desire.

Back to the nap subject... I want to relate the experience I had today just so you can have a concrete example to feed off of.

Today I woke up late; I hit the damn snooze button WAY to many times and didn't remember until the last minute that we had a super important speaker coming in that we had to dress up for and NOT be late, we would be getting points for our attendance. So I SHOT up out of bed, through on some nice clothes and without even realizing it I was thinking all morning "I hope I'm not late, hope I'm not late." I was envisioning me going up to that door and it being locked already. I felt like shit, I was all mad at myself for not remembering, but I still had a CHANCE to make it on time. Kept feeling bad, kept seeing that vision of the door being locked, was beating myself up for not remembering.

Our class started at 10:20, and I got there at 10:25, sure enough the door was locked. We had specific instructions to NOT knock or interrupt the speaker. So there I was, sitting on the ground outside of the door trying to figure out my next move. REALLY feeling like crap now because what I IMAGINED in my head really HAPPENED. I was sitting there for about 10 minutes, I pulled out my book on the Law of Attraction and tried to get myself into a better mood, cause I couldn't go through the rest of the day like this. Then I had an IDEA FLASH into my head; I had NOT gotten a lot of sleep the night before, and I felt extremelyyy tired. I missed this class and would lose my points, but I couldn't focus on that; that is what I DON'T want. This desire to take a nap was feeling GOOD inside of me though. My next class wasn't until 2:40, actually it ISN'T until 2:40 (I just woke up from my nap!) Haha, but THAT was my new desire. Partially because I am familiar with how to USE naps to my advantage now.

So this is what I did.. I GOT UP off my ass, and went searching for a WONDERFUL spot to take a nap. I was going to take the BEST nap ever. I walked around the building I was in, and sure enough in the distance I see this furniture structure. It looked like the back of a couch but the sides were all really high so I couldn't see what was on the other side, almost like a restaurant booth.. so I went to go check it out. I came around on the other side and SURE ENOUGH man, a freaking enclosed couch with comfortable cushions FILLED with pillows. It is HONESTLY crazy how this stuff works sometimes. I could have not BUILT a better spot to take a nap. There were two of these things about 5 feet away from each other, and there was another guy sleeping on the one right next to me (just some final assurance that this was the spot to crash).

I sat down, put all my stuff away, kicked off my shoes, and my bud next to me woke up for a second, looked over and nodded at me with a smile, turned over and passed back out. He knew I found the perfect spot.

SO, after getting all nice and comfortable with pillows, and covering up with my coat, I began to think about and picture in my head what it is that I want. I was thinking about the business I am running right now just blowing up, I was thinking about the Benz (as always), I was thinking about things that made me feel GOOD, and following the snores of my new friend a couple feet away I passed out.

I woke up with the sun shining on me through the window, and got to look outside at the snow, be comfortable and warm at the same time. I felt great. Sooo much better than the misery I was trapped in before. Now I am looking at those missed points as motivation to really take that class seriously from now on. Motivation to learn from my mistakes, and make SURE I get up on time from now on. There is no use looking back and beating myself up over that for the rest of the day, but without a little cat nap I would have been toast.

Now one of my biggest mentors Eric Thomas is going to kill me when he sees this post, because he gets up at like 4am every morning and preaches about not loving SLEEP more than you love SUCCESS. I am not taking anything away from that at all. I am just saying that sometimes a short nap can rejuvenate you for the rest of your entire day and allow you to be MORE positive and productive than without one.

This post is mainly FOR people who already take naps to really enforce the idea and necessity to think about the things that you want and feel GOOD right before you fall asleep because your subconscious mind will feed on that, just as it will terrible thoughts. So if your gonna take a little cat nap, I would say limit it to an hour and a half maximum (from the time you lay down to the time you wake up).. and really use it as a TOOL to enhance productivity for the rest of your day!

Happy Napping ;)

I will talk to you soon,

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moving Forward through Failure

Man... Sometimes it just feels like the odds are against you. Like your back is against the wall, like the world doesn't want you to succeed. I am familiar with this feeling; I've had my fair share of failure in my life.

This is a funny topic because I used to call this a "trick".. I would "trick" myself into believing that failure was some kind of test from God; a test to see if you have what it takes to not give up.

I don't call this a "trick" anymore; this is now a BELIEF. Every time that I am met with failure, ESPECIALLY when I THOUGHT I was going to succeed at that moment in time, it is a test to me from God; a test of my character, my belief in myself, and my faith in the end result. You HAVE to believe that no matter what happens to you, if you are TRULY trying your best and giving it everything that you have, you WILL eventually be met with success. You will eventually have everything that you want.

It is when you back down, or slow down when the temporary failure can turn into COMPLETE failure. Whatever you are doing, who ever you are trying to become, when you are met with temporary failure view it as a test. You can be disappointed for a little while; no one said it was WRONG to feel pain sometimes. Rain makes us appreciate the sunny days a little more, so temporary failure will make success that much sweeter as long as you DON'T GIVE UP. You can't give up man. You have come TOO FAR even if you just started. Push through. Find another way, and REALLY TRUST that the Universe and God are going to give you exactly what you are asking for if you keep asking, and keep believing.

Today was a rough day for me.. I will explain maybe tomorrow, but I am going to go THANK God for this test right before I go to bed, wake up, re-asses my options, and start moving forward once again.

Thanks for all the support for my writing from everyone lately, I will continue to publish the best content that I possibly can. If I ever skip a day it is because the post I have written was not worthy of a read. I work on this thing every single day and have a billion unpublished drafts, but I don't want to post "okay" stuff. I want people to look at EVERY post and be able to change an area of their lives.

I will whip up a good one tomorrow.. Promise.

Goodnight my loyal readers,

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working on Some Big Stuff

Sorry guys, I like to post at least once a day.. But I started writing earlier and I went off on a HUGE tangent about my story from beginning to end. I have never really sat down to write about all the crazy stuff I have been through, and I think it will be good for you guys to read so that you can get a feel for who I am and how far I have come to where I am now. I am planning on dividing it up into sections, so plan on seeing the first post in that series soon!

I am not a huge fan of posting other people's videos and pictures on my website, and I promise to ONLY post videos that have significantly influenced my life. So here is the first one; introduced to me by one of the sweetest girls in the world ;) I watch this almosttt every single day. Enjoy.

Much Love,

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